Quickly Open the Current Tmuxinator Project

I got tired of manually typing the name of Tmuxinator projects every time I opened a folder, so I made a quick mux function that opens, edits, or deletes the Tmuxinator project named after the current folder.

It’s not the smartest function—it won’t work great if your folders are named the same—but hopefully it helps you out anyway.

function mux() {
  project=$(pwd | xargs basename)

  if [ "$*" = "" ]; then
    tmuxinator start "$project"
  elif [ "$*" = "edit" ]; then
    tmuxinator edit "$project"
  elif [ "$*" = "delete" ]; then
    tmuxinator delete "$project"
    tmuxinator "$*"


  • mux — starts the project
  • mux edit — creates/edits the project
  • mux delete — deletes the project

All other commands fall through to Tmuxinator.